Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello my name is Sara and I have a camel named Cupcake. Cupcake was a very sweet camel to everybody. I live in Ancient Egypt. I have two friends named Kristen and Andrea. Whenever they came around Cupcake would get very excited.So one day Kristen called me to tell me that her and Andrea were going to come over for the weekend I went outside to tell Cupcake and when i went outside Cupcake was missing. At first I thought maybe she went to eat. And I went to check. She was not there I got terrified.I knew that my friends would be here in any minute. I knew the were going to be so depressed. I didn't know if they would leave.Finally, my friends got here and we went inside and they settled in and then they asked me where Cupcake was. At first i didn't want to tell them then i finally told them what happened they were really sad. At first they didn't know what to say then Andrea said "Well then lets go find her"! So we went in search in my missing camel.The first place we looked was the garden.She was not there.So we looked at the beach and all of a sudden we saw her just sitting there all alone and she saw Kristen and Andrea and she got up and she ran as fast as she could.And finally we went home and we all lived happily ever after, or is that what we thought.

TO BE CONTINUED.............................

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